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Britt Pounds


There are many things in life that Britt is passionate about, but the one thing standing head and shoulders above all is music. He says that it speaks to his very core, makes him laugh, makes him cry, and most of all allows him to do something fun and beautiful with people he enjoys and loves. At the age of 8, Britt picked up his first stringed instrument, a ukulele. Lord knows how he now wishes it had been a violin. Nevertheless, he quickly graduated from a baritone ukulele to a small guitar. Britt grew up in the Church of Christ, primarily in West Texas, singing acapella and gaining a strong ear for harmonies from every angle. Growing up, he spent a lot of time playing music in the living room with family and friends. In college, he developed a special affection for bluegrass while playing with some guys from Fort Worth. Britt’s early adult years were spent performing oldies rock and roll with “The Sharks” in Amarillo for about eight years. Once The Sharks dispersed, a remnant of that band saw the light, and became “Juan and the Conchos”. They developed their own style of bluegrass, western swing and cowboy music, which they simply called “Cowjazz”. They were very likely to throw in some Beatles and Motown tunes as well as Flatt and Scruggs and Sons of the Pioneers. From 2004 or so to current, he’s had the privilege of being the side-guy to Mike Childs, a fine singer-songwriter and guitar player in Fredericksburg. Britt, Mike and their other side-guy, Ann Dickie, have been leading worship together weekly and performing Mike’s original songs occasionally as well. Having the opportunity now to join “Haywire” as a guitar player and singer is just a double treat. He is getting back to a genre of music he loves dearly, and he is pleased to share the stage with some fine musicians and really fine people. Britt’s daily work is as a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments in Fredericksburg. He has been with Edward Jones since November 1998, and is a limited partner in the firm. 

Gary Hatch

The Texas hill country has always had an assortment of musical talent and Haywire’s standup bass player, Gary Hatch, is no exception. As a young Kerrville teen, Gary borrowed an old WW2 vintage bass from the high school band hall and with encouragement from local Dixieland horn blowing  celebrities,  developed his chops playing jazz licks in all the hardest keys. He went off to A&M in ’75 where he discovered he could easily pick country and bluegrass songs while singing high harmonies with his guitar playing Aggie friends. Music became his pastime passion. Life got in the way during his early career days in Dallas so he didn’t have the opportunity to play much for several years until moving his family back to his hometown of Kerrville in ’94. There he picked up where he left off, jamming with jazz guys, and became a charter member of Sentimental Journey Big Band Orchestra. Wanting to create an original sound, he helped start Harry & the Hightones an original swing, jump jive band….and Men in Black performing the classic hits of earlier decades. He sings in his church choir and dabbles in songwriting. His versatility still allows him to play with anyone who will let him sit in.

Gary and his wife Patty have been married for 31 years.  His daughter and son-in law live in the Houston area and have two children.  He’s a really nice guy who makes his living as a Texas Hill Country architect.

David Wilson

Mandolin player, David Wilson calls the Hill Country of Texas home living fourth generation on a family ranch with his wife, Trish.  He is the father of Devin, 26 and Whitney 24 who are both grown and pursing lives of their own.  David loves spending time picking with Haywire band-mates and in private jam sessions with his favorites Ricky Skaggs, Claire Lynch, Rhonda Vincent and others in the privacy of his own home, and them on the CD player.  David works for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as a Fisheries Technician, which is a fancy way of saying he cares for the fish of Texas Rivers, lakes and tributaries.  In his spare time, David plays mandolin, guitar and sings with anyone anytime including friends in the Hill Country area, church and with other bands when needed. He likes being outside on the ranch, riding his motorcycle or hunting with his son.  He loves to travel and spend time with family and friends.  David enjoys being with Haywire and working up sweet tunes in classic Hill Country acoustic style to share with anyone who loves good times and great music.

David Goodnight

David’s first interest in music was Rock.  All through high school he played rhythm guitar and sang lead in a garage rock band until acoustic music became popular due to John Denver and James Taylor.  At that time he switched to acoustic guitar for several years.  Then in 1972, while driving home one weekend from college, he heard “Deliverance” on the radio and a life-long love affair with the 5-string banjo started.  Although he bought a “cheap” banjo that same weekend, due to the challenges of college, he never spent much time learning it until he graduated in 1977.  Upon graduation, although he couldn’t play a single song all the way through, he heard about a bluegrass band looking for a banjo player and decided to give it a try.  He auditioned one night, and out of pure need, or maybe pity, they decided to give him a chance to learn.  The band leader took a stack of Jimmy Martin albums and circled about 20 songs and told David to learn them by the next practice.  That’s how he really got started.  All through the 80s he played in various bluegrass bands in the North Texas area, meeting and becoming friends with some of the Nashville bluegrass stars today.  Then due to the challenges of raising kids and work, he stopped regularly playing banjo for about 15 years.  After moving to the Hill Country in 2004, he met David Wilson at a music camp and struck up a friendship.  Together they formed a band called Cross Mountain.  After a couple of years that band broke up paving the way for Haywire, the best group of musicians and friends he has ever had the honor of playing with.  David primarily plays the bluegrass banjo with Haywire, but also plays rhythm guitar and clawhammer banjo when a song dictates.  David is married and has 4 grown children and one grandson. He is a part-time practicing veterinarian and a full time consultant to the Animal Health Industry.

Jenny Lynn

Jenny has been singing all of her life. Growing up in a musical family gave her many great influences to learn from. Her dad, Clay, and his parents, Bob and Joyce, were a part of a bluegrass band, The Poverty Playboys, for many years. Clay would often play guitar for her and her two older sisters, Adrian and Samantha, to sing together in church. Jenny learned how to sing harmony by listening to her mom, Betsy, sing along with the radio. Jenny took piano lessons as a child for several years. She was always involved in choir, both at church and in school. She received many vocal honors throughout the years. Her husband, Austin, is the Area Representative for Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Gillespie County. Jenny is the very proud mother of a handsome 12 year old boy, Braden. He seems to have the musical gene already and loves playing golf.  Jenny is a Kerrville native, and owns her own photography business called Cypress Girl Photography. She runs a photo booth at events and prints photos and makes photo canvases for clients. She also has a photo printing business where she also makes photo canvases. She loves fishing, kayaking, camping and hunting. Jenny feels incredibly blessed to be a part of Haywire and to get to spend so much time with four amazing musicians who are more like family now after 7 years of making music together.  


Divine Artist Series

Saturday, March 28, 2020

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